Ibex Wool Clothing

Where does Ibex Wool come from?

Just a note first about  Ibex products, we carry an extensive line of Ibex at our store here at Country Woolens 842 Main Road, Westport Massachusetts.

Ibex Wool Clothing comes from Merino sheep which live in New Zealand. There are approximately 40 million sheep living there, outnumbering people by 10 to one!

To make Ibex Wool Clothing sheep are sheared once a year. The wool is combed then finely spun into spindles of yarn. It is then knitted into rolls of fabric so precise that we have a minuscule margin of error.

Over 21,500 are shorn every year for the ibex programs it takes 9 to 12 months from a shorn sheep to a finished garment. Ibex wool is biodegradable so you can feel good about where it

came from and where it’s going. Ibex Wool Clothing has lots of interesting facts, see the chart below to understand how it’s spun.

Country Woolens is your source of Ibex Wool Clothing, located on 842 Main Road, Westport, MA 02790, we have been in business since 1977. You can read more here on our about us page.

Benefits of Wool

Ibex Wool Clothing

Ibex Wool Clothing – features and benifits

Natural SPF- Wool garments offer substantially more protection from UV exposure than traditional summer fabrics, like cotton.

Temp. Control- Wool draws moisture away from the skin and evaporates moisture regulating body temperature in all conditions.

Stay Fresh- Ibex wool products naturally include antimicrobial properties, keeping your garment odor free.

Easy Care- Wool fights weather and dirt and prevents stains, making ibex easy to wash and easy to keep clean.

Ultra Soft- Because ibex is made from very small micro diameter fibers, our garments are extremely soft and comfortable.

Sustainable- Because we use wool- a natural and renewable fiber- ibex is good for you and good for the earth.

Non- Flammable- ibex wool garment resist heat, they don’t hold a flame and won’t melt like synthetic fabrics and fibers.