How to care for your wool products

How to care for your wool products

How to care for your wool products

At Country Woolens here in Westport, Mass we’re often asked from our customers how should they maintain their Ibex clothing.

After all it’s an investment, and we know that. We also know that taken care of, your Ibex clothing will last a long long time. How to care for your wool products list below should help you in the endeavor. Hiking, biking, walking… let us know what your doing in your ibex!

Pockets- Don’t keep things in your pockets, as they may bulge or sag.

Brush it- It’s important to lightly brush your garments, this keeps soils from becoming stains.

How to care– Check the label for washing instructions, you’ll find it inside the garment. Care instructions vary depending on the garment.

Stains- Best to use cold water on small stains, seltzer and blot dry with a clean cloth. Do not use paper towels.

If wet– dry it as soon as possible. Do not put it in front of a direct heat like a radiator, fireplace or direct sunlight, Do not place in dryer unless the label says you can.

Getting odors out- Lay knits on a flat surface for an hour or so this should help remove any odor.

Fabric care- Slight creases can be removed by ironing with a damp cloth or a steam iron.

Hanging your garments- Hang your garments on wide hangers, in a cool place with good breathing space this should allow creases to fade out. You might also try steam from a bathroom for a short time.

Fold don’t hang- Never hang knits, fold them and store with a good amount of breathing space.


Clean your woolens before storing them away. Cleaning will also kill larvae. Keep closets, dresser drawers and trunks clean, Pack clothes in airtight containers, garment bags or boxes.